Commercial projects play a pivotal role in the success of businesses and the economy at large and have been essential in developing the riviera maya. These projects necessitate creativity in design and a keen eye for the control of quality, budget, and timeframe. Our experience in collaborating from the development to the valuation of the business plan, through design and construction is instrumental in delivering value to investors and stakeholders. IURO is relied upon for commercial and mixed-use projects like restaurants, urbanizations, the subdivision of land for lot sales, hotels, hostels, and warehouses.

“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building”

– Louis Kahn

Here is a list of several projects under this category:

  • Restaurante Casa Banana. (2009) Zona Hotelera Tulum
    (Architectural design, engineering, legal procedures and project direction)

  • Local Comercial. (2010) Puerto Aventuras
    (Project direction)

  • Hostel Abrigale. (2013/14) Tulum Pueblo
    (Architectural design, engineering, legal procedures and project direction)

  • The Bravest Race. (2014) Xcaret/Xplor
    (Design and obstacle engineering)

  • Condominios Paz Tulum. (2015) Tulum
    (Architectural design, engineering and legal procedures)

  • Jungle Breeze. (2016) Aldea Zama Tulum
    (Engineering and project direction)

  • Arthouse Segunda Torre (2016/17) Residencia Condominial en 8 torres en Aldea Zama
    (Engineering, legal procedures and project direction)

  • Arthouse Torre 5 (2016/17) Residencia Condominal de 7 torres en Aldea Zama.
    (Engineering, legal procedures and project direction)

  • and more…