This is a natural process of objects wastage and the need of maintenance. In IURO we give maintenance to properties with our excellent team of employees, engineers and workmanship who work hand on hand with our commercial allies and together strengthen our coverage and specialization capacity.

“Perfection is not a small thing, but it is made out of small things.”

– Michelangelo Buonarroti

Here is a list of some projects that fall into this category:

  • Casa F12 (2009) Los Arboles Tulum
    (Interior maintenance)
  • Casa A5 (2011) Los Arboles Tulum
    (Interior maintenance)
  • Casa A23 (2013) Los Arboles Tulum
    (Cleaning and maintenance)
  • Casa Chacá (2015) Aldea Zama
    (Engineering of installations and expansion construction)
  • Mi Casa es tu Casa (2015) Playa del Carmen
    (Renovation and maintenance)
  • Hacienda Palancar: (2016) Residencia en la reserva de Sian Ka’an
  • Casa Puerto Aventuras (2017) Puerto Aventuras
    (Bathrooms, rooms and kitchen renovation)
  • G18 Cancún (2017) Edificio de 8 departamentos
    (Whole apartment building renovation. Architectural design, engineering and project direction)
  • and more…
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